We receive frequent requests to join the Bespoke Silicon Group. We have had many collaborators over the years and it has been a rewarding experience. Here is some guidance for what we are looking for. A. If you want to do computer architecture or hardware design work: - If you are an undergrad at UW, you must have gotten very strong grade in an undergraduate architecture class (e.g., ECE 469) which includes implementing a 5-stage pipelined processor in SystemVerilog/Verilog or another HDL. - If you are a MS student at UW, you should have strong performance in CSE 548, 549 or ECE 525 (= CSE 567). From there you you need a strong performance in CSE 599, and then you can be considered for an RA, funding permitting. - If you are an undergrad from another institution and wish to collaborate remotely, you need to have a strong transcript that shows strong grades in logic design, computer architecture, etc. Experience in HW design internships is a major plus. If you do well working with us, then we can typically write a strong letter to help you get into graduate school or get your first position in industry. - We require at least 20 hours per week of time commitment over a period of 6 months during the school year; and 40 hours per week during the summer for 3 months. B. If you want to do compiler work: - Prior experience in LLVM or GCC.